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All things Performance

Greatness from within.

Dr. Josiah Igono

Josiah Igono loves helping people establish foundations and frameworks for a powerful mindset. He is regularly requested by the media, coaches, and professional athletes.


His work has been featured on Yahoo!, FOX, and NBC. His range is vast, working with clients from Corporate America, youth clubs, schools to the multitude of professional athletes that he regularly serves.

Most recently, he was responsible for the implementation of mental skills programs for professional athletes and coaches for the Texas Rangers as Major League Director of Peak Performance.


"We help athletes of all levels realize their greatness. This translates to the field where we give them real time training and connection between their mental and physical performance." - Dr. Igono


drew robinson.png

Drew Robinson

MLB Outfielder/ ESPN 30 for 30

"One of the biggest benefits I feel I received from working with Josiah, in broad terms, is inspiration. I never left a presentation or conversation or session with him, not feeling inspired to be the best version of myself, while also feeling inspired to try to do the same with the people around me. Interactions like that are what creates the ripple effects that teams, organizations, and communities need."


Derek Devine

NFL Quarterback

"Josiah is a master at his craft. I love that he is a former athlete and knows the unique struggles that athlete's face. He is down to earth and has helped me through some tough times, but it is the combination of his understanding of the physical mechanics of sports and the mental that really make him special. He has been able to up my game in many different areas." 


Jesse Chavez

MLB- World Series Champion

"I always looked at things with not just my eyes but using my eyes as ears. There's two views on every topic, yours and theirs. Doing this made me process things a lot easier and helped me keep more positive energy than wasting it on my views. Working with Josiah he made this more relevant to me just by simple talks and how he looks at situations. This is me going off what I saw from him when he first arrived toTexas. I’m a very personal person and when he talked and he listened it reminded me a lot of how I would do that to my father."

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