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Jesse Chavez

MLB Pitcher- World Series Champion

I always looked at things with not just my eyes but using my eyes as ears. Theres two views to every topic, yours and theirs. Doing this made me process things a lot easier and help me keep more positive energy than wasting it on my views.


Working with Josiah he made this more relevant to me just by simple talks and how he looks at situations. This is me going off what I saw from him when he first arrived to Texas. I’m a very personal person and when he talked and he listened it reminded me a lot of how I

would do that to my father.


So the bond started there but he didn’t know it. This became the biggest impact of our time together and in my opinion to this day, is the fact he can make someone better just by how he listens to you. Thats all we want is a healthy conversation with someone who will make you better not professionally but personally. His impact helped me become a better teammate,father, husband, and son. All by way of presence.

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MLB Pitcher

Brett MArtin

Before I had met or worked with (Josiah) I had viewed certain things as impossible. Or something that I thought I could accomplish but wasn’t too sure of myself. Like I was too afraid to fail almost. 


What most impressed me about being around (Josiah) was how positive you always were. No matter the situation there was always a positive way (Josiah)  looked at things. I picked up on that and started applying it to my daily life.


I’ve learned many things from (Josiah)…but what I’ve benefitted from the most is, the ability to slow myself down if things speed up on me. Whether that’s on the baseball field or in life. I learned how to step back, evaluate the situation, and come up with a plan of attack. Instead of getting overwhelmed or doubting myself…just adapt and overcome.

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MLB Outfielder

Drew Robinson

"One of the biggest benefits I feel I received from working with Josiah, in broad terms, is inspiration. I never left a presentation or conversation or session with him, not feeling inspired to be the best version of myself, while also feeling inspired to try to do the same with the people around me. Interactions like that are  what creates the ripple effects that teams, organizations, and communities need.


He’s one of those people that you come across in life that makes you think anything is possible by feeding your soul with hope, inspiration, and drive. I’m a better person for having been able to not only work with Josiah, but just know him as a person.

 I, and really anyone who interacts with Josiah, learned very quickly what he’s all about. Which in a word, is GREATNESS. In every area of life. He’s able to bring out the best energy and perspectives with whoever he’s talking to."


“Success follows those who work hard and those who work hard will be rewarded.”


"The biggest benefit and outcome I saw from working with Josiah was that my tools are enough. He made me aware that I don’t need to replace my tools, they just need some polishing and upgrades. He allowed me to slow down and be present minded through daily exercises and small goal setting which ultimately led us to our big goals. He taught me reflection without judgment. I appreciated my time with Josiah, he is real, passionate, and selfless." 

Patrick Wisdom

MLB- Chicago Cubs

"I didn’t really know a lot about the mental side of the game when I first got drafted. I didn't understand the impact of working with someone like Josiah and didn’t see the purpose or how it could help. I was most impressed by Josiah by the fact he was real. It never felt like he was “checking all the boxes” because he had to, he genuinely cared about me, my performance/getting better, my well being and how my mental state was. Being able to decompress from baseball, routines and understand my mental game so much better. Working with Josiah helped me off the field as much as it did on. I can’t say enough about the work he does."


Sam Huff

MLB- Catcher


"(Mental Performance) was always on my mind and part of my daily approach with baseball. Growing up the way I did and recognizing early how important mental skills were due to my lack of talent. Josiah was inspirational and motivational to keep (it) growing. He promoted it with an enthusiasm I’ve never seen or got before. Focus: identify, eliminate and execute.”

Kenny Holmberg

MLB Field Coordinator

"The biggest outcome that I have witnessed is how heavily (Josiah) has been able to influence and impact a whole organization/people; myself included. (His)  daily interactions/conversations really encourage & empower people to make change in their lives! He  gets people to believe in themselves! I was impacted by (his) ability to listen and genuinely seek understanding (very important), (his)  diversity and ability to adapt to not only different people/players but to different industries. What stands out the most though is the energy and passion (Josiah) demonstrates on a daily basis!"

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Donzell McDonald

MLB Professional Scout


"I was most impressed by how clearly and easy Josiah would teach very complex mental subjects. We worked in an environment where there was a great range of experience, maturity levels and levels of education. Josiah was able to touch everybody in a way that it was relevant to whichever audience was listening to his teachings.   Being able to go to Josiah with any questions or inquiries made it easy for me to not only learn new coaching techniques but also be able to help our players with the most needed, least taught and most misunderstood subject in sports: the ability to use the mental side correctly to perform at their potential."

MLB Asst. Hitting Coach

Luis Ortiz

"I always called the mental part of the game sports psychology. I always thought of it as a way to deal with slumps or some sort of performance decline. What always impressed me about Josiah was his energy. Every time I heard him speak, I was ready to scale a wall!!   The biggest benefit I saw, was truth in love. The epitome of truth in love. Not many people can speak truth in love. This is a gift."

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Jose Vasquez

MLB Strength & Conditioning


"The biggest benefit working personally with Dr. Igono, is gaining a deeper understanding of mental performance. I’ve worked with world renown performance coaches in the past, read countless books on the subjects of mental performance, and still Dr. Igono guided me to understand facets of mental performance I had not understood before. I was impressed with Dr. Igono’s, passionate and persuasive communication. When teaching and coaching Dr. Igono is very easy to relate to and his coaching and teaching is very accessible. Prior to working with Dr. Igono I didn’t realize most of my experience with performance psychology resembled something closer to a one size fits all approach. Dr. Igono talks about performance at a deeper level and speaks to performance from a place of purpose with an understanding of how different personalities interact with the principles of mental performance."

Andrew York

Edward Jones

"My biggest struggle before I began training with Josiah was my mental toughness. Josiah knew exactly how to push me and get the most out of me during a workout. Josiah would not let me give up and make sure I gave it all I had each and every workout. Before I use to think an exercise was hard and not finish or not give it all I had. That all I changed when I met Josiah. Josiah is a great motivator and really put things into perspective. One of my favorite quotes from Josiah throughout my time with him is, “Success follows those who work hard and those who work hard will be rewarded”. I remind myself of this message when times are getting tough and I might feel like not finishing a repetition or exercise. Every set and repetition counts and I learned that from Josiah. My mindset has completely changed and has allowed me to get the most out of my workouts."

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Ernesto Ortiz

NCAA Baseball


"My overall experience training as an Athlete with Josiah was excellent.  He was a tough trainer, but he made me want to work harder and give it my all.  Although workouts were very early in the morning he was always ready to go which woke me up and made me ready to work.  He had a way of pushing the team, but did it in a way that was respectable.  He always switched up the workouts too, so it never got routine and dull.  Training with Josiah was a good experience and I will use the workouts and his knowledge in my life."

Vanessa ChaveZ

NCAA Softball

"Josiah has always given his very best in everything he does. His mental performance sessions and curriculum are no different. Mental performance plays such an enormous factor in athletics and it was the difference maker for me. Josiah's practical tools and strategies are a must for an aspiring and accomplished athletes. It doesn't matter if you are a high school athlete, a coach or a business professional hoping to achieve a higher performance threshold, Josiah is able to relate to any and everyone. He has the ability to speak to everyone on their level and make issues and hurdles seem small."


Danielle Devine

Arizona State Basketball

Joey Jacobson


"Working with Josiah was a whole different experience. He was able to help me target my weaknesses in my athleticism as an individual and then push me to perfection. Even though he trained our entire baseball team, he knew each of us had different types of abilities and would focus on gaining our weak points and maintaining our strong aspects. Each day I felt better and better as an athlete in the weight room and on the field because of the challenges Josiah brought to the table. Josiah knew that for my team and myself to be the best, we had to be pushed and he was able to motivate us every day to be competitors and not take a day off in the gym. He pushed me to limits I thought I would never overcome. My overall experience was something I will always remember as an athlete and the challenges that he helped us all over come was


NCAA Baseball

"I reached out to Josiah at one of the darkest times in my life. 2020-2021 were hard for everyone but I was half a world away from my wife and newborn son. He helped me navigate these tough times. I became not only a better  performer but a better man. He worked with me with a 10 hour time difference and was always driven. Early mornings or late nights didn’t matter, he was committed to being there and put every bit into our sessions. He has taught me life lessons and skills to navigate the toughest of times and to be ELITE.  Josiah is a part of our journey. He walks along side us. He is the encouragement when we need it. He also going to challenge you and hold you accountable. He recognizes your potential and is there to give you the tools and resources to get the most out of yourself. I am always impressed every time we speak and have our sessions at how much enjoyment and passion he has."


Reed Garrett

Professional Baseball Player


"Josiah was an amazing trainer and more importantly an amazing man of God. He worked us very hard, but always for the right reasons. He truly cared about us and it showed, without him I believe that our team would not have performed to the level that we did this year. What most impressive was how much he cared about us as individuals. He knew us all by name, what we needed to work on and he truly cared about each person. I have experienced trainers who just care about getting paid, not about the student. Josiah is different he really wants to see improvement in your performance."


Tyler Wooldridge

"Josiah knows his athletes one by one and he knows how to push them without pushing them over the edge. I cant say that I have ever had a coach like Josiah. This is something that impresses me most about Josiah. He knows when to take the foot off the pedal and he simply just knows his stuff. I have had coaches that are hard to trust because they just don't seem like they know what or why they are having us perform certain tasks but Josiah always seemed to know and he understands what his athletes need and is confident about it. Josiah is the type of coach that you can truly trust."


Kara Holtorff

NCAA Softball


"The biggest benefit I will get form training with Josiah is just the to have someone I can go to and trust. Josiah has made it so that every athlete can have a connection that goes further than just training. I know I will always be able to go to Josiah for any problems I have or even just to have a conversation. That is the biggest benefit in my mind. I was most impressed with the way every single person who Josiah worked with was able to get bigger faster and stronger. It was really great to see that in a short amount of time my team had to work with Josiah, everyone was able to show improvement."

Brady Wager

Professional Baseball

"I thought mental performance was just- do it. Whatever you do, find a way to get it done. Don't be detail oriented. Josiah makes me pause and reflect. He embodies the growth mindset and that is inspiring to me. The thing I am most impressed with in working with Josiah is hi tenacity and attention to attack so-called setbacks and failures. He inspires me to do better."

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Mario Malaby

Athletic Director


 "My experience training with Josiah was great!! I was blessed to have him for a trainer because he goes above and beyond the requirements of his job title. He cares about his athletes and wants them to excel not only in the weight room but also in their sport and in life.  I was most impressed with Josiah's knowledge of how to train me for my specific sport (which he does for all his athletes) and his dedication to my success."

Stephanie McBride

NCAA Volleyball

"I was most impressed with Josiah's energy and the fact that he cares for each of his athletes. He takes the time to get to know us and learn our weaknesses and our strengths. From there he then gives us tips and different exercises that may help improve weaknesses and as well our strengths. The #1 benefit was probably just my overall athletic shape. While having Josiah as a trainer I reached my peak of athletic ability. He improved my lung capacity as well as my muscle strength."


Brooke Bloomekamp

NCAA Volleyball


 "I was mostly impressed with Josiah's ability to connect and communicate his knowledge and skills to an athlete without simply handing out a plan. Josiah understands the importance of communication with his athletes. He is able to express the science behind strength and power training on the level of the athlete and he is able to customize the workouts specifically to enhance their performance in their  specific sport. As a result of my training I became a stronger, faster, and more powerful athlete. Although I previously embraced persistence and dedication, Josiah helped me gain the mental and physical edge I needed to compete on the field."

Will Armijo

Founder of Nrish Wellness

"Josiah is a STRONG MAN of character. He just does the right thing. Enormously huge heart. He’s an all time favorite of mine and my family. Josiah’s empathy for all types of people is enormously impressive to me. He loves so well. He’s a sponge, always learning how to impact people better…so much knowledge, so much humility. When Josiah talks, people listen. Including me, 100%."


Mario D'Ortenzio

Founder: Death2Life


"Growing up mental performance was a foreign term and a foreign language as an athlete. Mental performance was about gritting your teeth, getting through it and 'be a man' mentality- which is different now. Josiah instills confidence, focus, self belief and motivation in any and everyone he is around. He is just such an impactful person. He can grab the attention of people and make them better  and help them get out of that complacent mindset. Josiah makes you want the best for yourself. I learned so much about leadership and how to impact people, how to read a room and address certain people."

Dustin Visering

NCAA Athletic Director

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